Professionalsmarket.gr is a new platform that constitutes a meeting place for those looking for a job or an internship and simultaneously for employers too, for whom staff research is for Free!

At the same time, the platform offers the opportunity to all kinds of enterprises to be advertised and attract new customers and collaborators in Greece and abroad. It also offers great discounts which reduce their cost of everyday needs.

The platform successfully and in a practical way, differentiates the way that someone could find personnel up to now. It also combines all its users’ needs in such a way that it is going to be the most handy and practical tool at every user’s disposal!

The low cost subscription for the companies’ promotion through it, but also for all those looking for a job, makes it affordable for everyone!

The free advertisement of the unemployed as well as the Free of charge, for everybody, staff and businesses research assure its success.

What about you? Will you stay behind?