The ProfessionalsMarket platform offers the following opportunities to companies
who wish to promote their services to new potential clients, in an efficient and cost-effective way, the following options through the platform.
  1. You may create multiple profiles in more than one professional categories.
  2. With one subscription you will be able to offer services in as many areas as you wish.
  3. By using ProfessionalsMarket platform you save money, time and effort rather than spending them on costly advertisements.
  4. By using one subscription only, you have the ability to also advertise your branches in Greece or abroad.
  5. If you wish, you may pause your subscription temporarily, as long as you have at least a 6-month or a yearly subscription without losing any money.
  6. You may advertise discounts or offers easily and directly.
  7. You may post an advertisement for FREE, in order to find personnel, on your business Profile.
  8. You may upload your products on an e-shop, which we provide with extra charge to the simple subscription. The extra cost on a yearly basis will be 200€ + VAT. By paying this amount you take advantage of our website traffic and you save money from creating your own e-shop!
  9. You have the possibility to advertise the platform by gaining profit and benefits. For that, you may ask for the Marketing Director, Mrs Chrisovergi.
  10. You gain targeted advertisement towards new clients all over Greece and abroad.
  11. We have assured collaboration with Tour Operators, as well as foreign Embassies and other Bodies.
  12. Free use of the platform is open to everybody, not only to our subscribers and it ensures your company’s greatest promotion.
  13. Due to its affordable cost, the platform is getting more and more subscribers, either enterprises or job candidates.
  14. The additional benefits within the same subscription, without any extra cost, is one more benefit.

Let your clients come to you!