1. Who is professionalsmarket.gr platform targeted at?
  • Individuals looking for job opportunities (also, Students or Unemployed).
  • Companies who are searching for new clients through the platform.
  • AND IT IS COMPLETELY FREE for anyone – individuals or companies – who is interested in finding suitable personnel or experienced professionals.
2. Is the platform subscription based?

Yes. There is a charge for those who are searching for jobs through the platform, as well as for companies who wish to advertise through the platform to obtain new clients. Charges are lower for Students. It is FREE for the Unemployed

Can I be advertised and show-up in more than one professional categories, as an individual or company?

Yes. By selecting a new subscription and a new professional category each time.

4. Is my Profile shown/advertised also to potential Employers abroad?

Yes and therefore it would be ideal to create your Profile both in English and Greek.

5. Can I edit my already published Profile?

Yes, whether by editing it through your account (from the platform), or by contacting us by phone.

6. Can I advertise my existing work/projects/portfolio?

Yes, you can insert your portfolio into the platform and it will be visible on your published Profile.

7. Are there any additional costs if I wish to add my Profile in English?

No, your Profile advertisement, editing and our advice – before publishing in order to protect you from mistakes- is included in your subscription package for each professional category.

8. Can I see to which and how many of your Subscribers I have sent an interest request as an Employer?

Yes, by registering and logging in as Employer, you may see the saved Subscribers Profiles to whom you have sent a request, to avoid contacting them again.

9. How can I prove that I am a Student or Unemployed?

During the registration process, you can send us a picture of your Unemployment certificate or your valid Student card. When your subscription period ends, you will be notified in order to renew it if you wish.

10. Can I also find employment on a permanent or part-time basis, through the platform?

Yes, you will be able to select that during your PROFILE creation process. You may ask for a permanent or seasonal job, for a full-time or a part-time job, even for an internship.

11. Do I have the ability to print my PROFILE, or use the the link e.g. on my business cards or on my social media?

Yes, and this creates a complete advertisement/promotion for you, either as an individual or a company.

12. How will I know in time when my Subscription expires?

You will be notified by our team by email, or you can login as Subscriber and check the subscription packages you have already bought and the Profiles you have already published.

14. Do I need to Sign Up each time I Log In to the platform as Subscriber or looking for Personnel/Businesses?

Registration takes place just once. Then you may Sign in to your account by using the email and password you selected during your registration.

15. I have an Airbnb apartment. Which Subscriber category do I belong to?

You may register your apartment as a Business, in the category Accommodations.

16. I am Self-Employed, in which Subscriber category do I belong to?

As a Self-Employed individual, you belong to the Businesses category.

17. May I post an advertisement for my business needs?

Yes, you may post an advertisement for FREE, in order to find personnel, on your business Profile.

18. As an unemployed, how many profiles in distinct professional categories, may I upload?

You may upload for free up to 2 profiles, in any professional category you choose. By renewing your unemployment card, you may renew your profile every 4 months.

19 . May I upload and sell products through the platform if I subscribe?

You have the ability to add products on the electronic shop that we provide you with, by paying extra on the simple subscription. The extra charge on an annual basis will be 200€+ VAT. By paying this sum, you get advantage of our social media viewing so that your sales will increase and you save money from advertising your products on your own e-shop!

20 .Will my customer list refer to one region only or more ?

It will refer to targeted promotion to new customers all around Greece and abroad.

You may choose in which and in how many regions you wish your company or your profile-if you are looking for a job- be advertised.

Potentially, customers of yours, do not forget, are also our subscribers who are looking for a job as well as the already advertised entrepreneurs. Moreover, potential customers are all of us who may not be subscribers -but may use the platform for Free and get to know companies which make offers through it- or whoever is looking for personnel and therefore, them too, have the chance to discover other companies through it and advertisements of course!

21 . Whom do you collaborate with for the companies' promotion to customers abroad?

We have ensured collaborations with Tour Operators and foreign Embassies as well as relevant Bodies. Due to the platform function and since it is addressed simultaneously to those who are looking for a job or companies or personnel, its website traffic is constantly increasing and consequently, the platform is faster and more easily promoted even by Google.

22 . Are any of the platform services for Free?

Free use of the platform is available to all employers (companies and citizens).

In this way, those looking for personnel are not obliged to post advertisements and spend money, time and effort. Choosing the suitable job candidates is turned into a game.

Moreover, whoever wants to find out about local enterprises all over Greece and at the same time take advantage of the offers they make, they may search through the platform for Free!

Soon, they will be able to spot enterprises in the rest of the world and take advantage of their offers, too.

Free is also the ability for a company to promote its branches through the same subscription, as well as the ability to post an advertisement for personnel even on its own profile.

23 . How can I be sure that a lot of potential customers will see my business?

The platform is addressed, at the same time, to all those who are looking for a job or an internship but also to all kinds of businesses which are advertised through the platform and provide discounts on their products or services.

By being affordable, we are constantly increasing our subscribers, whether they are companies or job candidates.

Moreover, whoever wants to find personnel through it or at the same time find out about local companies locally, nationally and globally and make the most of the discounts that our enterprises-subscribers make, they use the platform for Free!

All these, along with a coordinated promotion model and reporting in Greece and abroad- secure the platform continuous increasing web traffic.

24 . Do I have the chance to advertise my business beyond my subscription?

You may buy an advertising banner which leads to your site or a feature on our blog or an interview video recording with a professional presenter or a combination of both, for the company’s best promotion securing in this way the best price- taking advantage of the great website traffic and distinct target groups which the platform is addressed to, at the same time.

25 . May I bring advertisement buyers on the platform and gain some benefits?

Yes, through our collaborators’ affiliate network, you may introduce us to your customers, as an advertising means and gain rewards and great benefits –earnings from our company.

Information at the +30 210 300 30 18 (landline).